Peaches available from Florida

Buy peaches grown locally in Florida.

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Peaches are grown by Florida farmers, harvested, packed, and shipped to retailers in the state.

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Enjoy peaches fresh from Florida in your home when you buy local.

Florida peaches

Florida peaches are growing in production, now estimated to be roughly 1,400 acres in Florida. They pack a flavorful punch and are smaller than the traditional peaches you may know. They are a relatively new crop to Florida and we encourage you to to purchase #FreshfromFlorida peaches! Grown directly in the state, locally, to your retailer, Florida peaches are now available.

You’ll start seeing signage and prominent displays of Florida grown peaches in retail stores because of our grant program for retail bonus incentives. We also will have in-store samplings of peaches, ads, and educational peach marketing on all major marketing platforms. We will additionally do some thought leadership and resources around peaches.

Buy local, Florida peaches while they are in peak season (April-May)!

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The grant:

A specialty crop block grant was put in place in order to help Florida peaches gain significant popularity among Florida consumers. According to a national survey of consumers conducted as part of the grant, the Florida peach industry requires increased consumer and retailer awareness of the industry as well as an understanding of these audiences’ preferences for, and barriers to, buying Florida peaches. The survey revealed that most consumers nationwide don’t know much about Florida’s peach season, and that consumers value a peach with the label “Grown in the USA” on it.

Through cooperation with Fresh From Florida, both educational and promotional materials were developed to encourage retail promotion of Florida peaches during peak season.  The program includes bonus incentives for retailers to feature Florida peaches in their circulation, as well as in-store promotions and samplings.  Advertising to retailers appears in trade publications such as The Packer and Produce News.

Additionally, a statewide marketing campaign including digital and social advertising was incorporated to increase consumer awareness and likelihood to purchase.

For more details, contact Program Director Sonia Tighe, 813-975-8377.

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To be added to the grower list, please contact Program Director Sonia Tighe, 813-975-8377.


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To be added to the retailer list, please contact Program Director Sonia Tighe, 813-975-8377.

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